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Every piece of Jamie Mumford jewellery is a unique handmade item and as such does require some special care to keep it in perfect condition.


The resin used in our jewellery pieces is very strong and durable. However please take care not to knock or scratch the jewellery on hard or rough surfaces as this may cause the resin to chip or scratch. Resin can discolour when exposed to heat and sunlight so please take care to store your pieces out of direct sunlight and away from high temperatures. To clean resin simply wipe with a soft dry cloth.


All the metal used in our jewellery is sterling silver. Sterling silver will tarnish with time and is caused by exposure to skin oils, perfumes, chemicals and oxygen. If tarnishing occurs wipe gently with a jewellery cleaning cloth or clean with a suitable silver cleaning agent.

Some jewellery pieces feature other materials such as silicone tassels, which can pickup some dust. To clean simply take a small piece of sticky tape and gently press along the length to remove any dust.

We recommend removing jewellery before sleeping, swimming, exercising or doing household chores to ensure the pieces stay in perfect condition. Apply all beauty products, such as perfume, hairspray or deodorant, before putting on your jewellery.


When not worn we suggest storing your jewellery in an airtight bag or the jewellery packaging provided.

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