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Jamie Mumford is a Melbourne-based artist and medical scientist. 


She makes sculptures, installations and jewellery inspired by microbiology. She studies viruses, bacteria and cellular structures in her role as an electron microscopy technician with the Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory at the Doherty Institute. 


Jamie sculpts biomorphic objects, creating organic pieces that evoke the biological forms she observes under the electron microscope. Bringing these forms from the micro to the macro, she reimagines them into three dimensional objects that look like new lifeforms. As an artist, she moves from a deep understanding of microbiology into a space of playful abstraction, walking the line between real and imagined.


She uses media including wood, resin, clay, metal and fabric and combines these with a vibrant colour palette and glittery, shiny surfaces. She creates installations that can be explored as foreign landscapes and jewellery that turns invisible microorganisms into wearable art for the body.


All Jamie Mumford Jewellery is designed and handmade at her studio in Brunswick, Melbourne. Jamie sculpts all her forms in clay and uses moulding and casting techniques to create her unique resin jewellery. All metal used is sterling silver and earring posts are embedded in the resin to create a long lasting piece of jewellery. Her pieces are playful and are for people who want to make a statement with original, bold jewellery.

Jamie completed her Bachelor of Science (Microbiology) from the University of Queensland in 2003, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) from Queensland College of Art in 2013. She has exhibited in Australia and overseas in solo and group exhibitions. In 2015 Jamie completed residencies at Art Centre Ongoing in Tokyo, Japan and Fjúk Art Centre in Husavik, Iceland, and was awarded a grant from Arts Queensland’s Individual’s Fund for the residencies. Jamie has been commissioned to produce artworks for several exhibitions including Bleach Festival (2015) and Festival 2018 as part of the Commonwealth Games Arts Festival on the Gold Coast, QLD.

Please see her CV for all previous exhibitions and projects.

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