Una Earrings

Una Earrings


The Una Earrings are a light-weight half hoop earring, inspired by a pair of earrings that I was drawn to when going through my mother's jewellery box as a child. They were made in the 80's by one of her friends and were a clear, frosted half hoop with a unique earring post. I have put my spin on them, recreating them from memory and also applying my bright colour palette to them.


The earring form was handsculpted, then cast in a high gloss resin that is pigmented with candy pink and transparent ruby red. These earrings have a unique earring post, as the sterling silver post is tensioned in place with angled holes in the resin. To open the earring simply pull one end of the wire out of the resin at a 45 degree angle, swing the wire to the side, put on your ear and push the wire back into the hole.


Due to the handmade nature of our jewellery and the material qualities of resin, colours and patterns can vary slightly. We embrace this as it makes each piece unique. 


Colourway: Ruby red/Candy pink

Materials: Resin with sterling silver wire

Dimensions: Length 3.5cm, Width 1cm, Depth 3.5cm each

Weight: 6 grams each